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General Science Links

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Create-A-Graph: Quickly create 5 different graphs.

Mad Science: MadSci Network represents a collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions. For good measure we provide a variety of oddities as well.

Anatomy Links

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Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology: for Ms. Stutzer’s students

Biology Links

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General Biology

TeensHealth: good information for  teens and parents.

Encyclopedia of Life: Information on many life-forms on Earth – of animals, plants, fungi, protists and bacteria.

Biology Online: Tutorials, dictionary, forum, directory. No whiz-bang jazzy gimmicks, but many links, solid information.

Blood Type Game: Fun way to find out about blood.

Animals & Birds

Alaskan Birds:  Online Alaska Wildlife Notebook (some html, some pdf)

Cornell Lab of Orthinology: All About Birds


Evolution Videos from PBS: These are previews of the videos. It is best to watch at home where you have faster connections.

The Mating Game: This is a fun evolutionary game.

Immune System

The Immune System Game
Immune System Brochure Template
Immune System Notetaking Template


Pond Life Identification Kit: A guide to common freshwater organisms.

Bad Bug Book: Basic facts regarding foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins.

Virtual Museum of Bacteria: Species Filing Cabinet with links.



Chemistry Links

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Web Elements: Explore key information about the chemical elements through this periodic table.

Los Alamos: Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Chemistry Division.

Lenntech Chemical Elements: Each chemical element contains a link to a page that explains its chemical properties, health effects, environmental effects, application data, an image and also information of the history/inventor of each element. You can also choose your language!

Interactive: This interactive resources includes an element index, information about element arrangement and an element glossary.

Chemical Elements: Interactive periodic table.

Periodic Table: Click on each element to learn more about it.

Chemical Elements Table: From Info Please.

Periodic Table of Comic Books: Ever think about comic and chemestry? This is a fun site for comics fans.

Genetics Links

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Human Genome Project

Your Genes Your Health: Information on 15 genetic disorders

Medline Plus Directory of Genetic Disorders

Genetic Science Learning Center

The Digital Pipeline has several health databases. See the library staff or the password bookmark for more information.

Geology Links

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Global Volcanism Program: Find volcanoes by region, name and eruption date.

Volcano Live: the world’s first volcano news and travel website, which monitors worldwide volcanic activity, and provides adventure tours to the world’s most exciting volcanoes.

Volcano World: Oregon State’s website on volcanoes. Use the alpha or coutry lists to find information.

USGS Volcano: Webcams, photos and lots of information on US volcanoes.

National Geographic’s Forces of Nature: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tonadoes and Hurricanes

Maps of World: A variety of world maps.

Google Maps of Active Volcanos: Uses Google Maps API and includes activity reports and databases from the Smithsonian.


Oceanography Links

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Motion in the Ocean: Go to this website for the Student Worksheet- Problems on Winds, Waves and Currents.

Distance Calculator: Use this to find the distance between 2 points whose latitude and longitude are known.

Create Maps & Grids: Use this site to create a map by entering boundary information.