Apply for a GrantEach year, PTSA gives back thousands of dollars in grants to support the mission and programs of Dimond High School. The grant application process is open to all teachers and staff.  They can make a formal request for a grant by sharing the purpose, the number of students served/benefited, the reason the funds are needed and not available through other school budgets, etc.  Grant requests are reviewed by school administration to see if other funds are available. After review, the PTSA board (including parents, the school principal, a teacher representative, and student representatives) rate the grants against our priority criteria and we approve as many as we can with the funds available. The application form is available on the DHS website.

We fund the grants with an eye to sharing the funds broadly with different school groups, academic areas, activities, arts, and library as well as sports equipment.  We like projects funding equipment and supplies but also fund guest artists, and other one time events as the number of students benefited warrants.
PTSA board members meet with teachers and staff each grant cycle to emphasize our goals to benefit lots of student groups and disciplines and to encourage broad requests addressing school priorities that otherwise won’t be available.

2017-2018 Grant Deadlines

Fall Grant Cycle: November 3, 3 pm
Spring Grant Cycle: January 31, 3 pm