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SLED—Statewide Library Electronic Doorway: Alaska’s Virtual Library and Digital Archives, is the best collection of Alaska stuff around.  Easy to use, SLED has most of what a student or teacher might want in Alaska- and Anchorage-related sites, as well as general help.  Databases for Alaskans, Live Homework Help, Teen Express, News & Weather and dozens of other sites abound.  Links to all things Alaskan.

LitSite Alaska: Excellent resources on all things Alaska. Good search feature.

Alaska State Agency Databases: This is an annotated list of databases produced by Alaska State Agencies listed by database subject. It was last checked for broken links on October 29, 2016.

Alaska History Course  The whole works for the Alaska Studies course–materials, lesson plans, activities, timeline, resources, ideas, references.

A Short History of the Aleutian Islands: PDF of a book from 1984 that describes the region and its people wonderfully.  Also gives weather and geography info along with activities to use with the classroom.


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Library of Congress Indigenous Law Portal: Links to Regional Corporations, specific information on Alaska Native groups and other general resources with a focus on laws.

Alaska Native Heritage Program at UAA: Lots of great links to animal, plant and ecology information.

Alaska Native Heritage Center Called “A gathering place,” the center welcomes visitors, plans events, celebrates Alaska Native cultures.

Alaska Native Heritage Center Cultures of Alaska: The Alaska Native Heritage Center has brief overviews of  Athabascan; Unangax & Alutiq (Sugplag); Yup’ik & Cup’ik; Inupiaq & St. Lawrence Island Yupik; Eyak, Tlingit Haida & Tsimshian culture, history and traditions.

Alaska Native Regional Corporations from National Congress of American Indians: Links to each Alaska Native Regional Corporation.

Alaskool: Alaska Native cultural information.

Alaska Native Cultures (UAF): brief overviews of each Alaska Native group.

Alaska Native Games Overview of games, history, list of events, upcoming competitions; includes Native Youth Olympics.

Inupiaq Dictionary:

Yupik Dictionary:

Alaska History and Cultural Studies Course:   Under Construction, but has some useful links.


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Alaska Digital Archive Historical photos, oral histories, documents, moving images from sources all over the state.

School Tube Videos:  A collection of Alaskan videos from School Tube.


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Community Index:  Search by region type (climate, corporation, borough, region, school district, etc.)

Alaska Census: Population, Social, Economic and Housing data are collected and tabulated by the US Census Bureau for the decennial census and American Community Survey.

AK Department of Labor Research & Analysis:  Click tabs for population, wages, employees, hiring, unemployment data, cost of living and more.

Kids Count Alaska: Data on young people in Alaska including population, race/ethnicity, employment/income, housing, poverty, education, test scores, family structure, health and more.

Alaska Economic Trends: A monthly look at interesting economic trends in Alaska communities. Index is provide as well as a good search tool.

American Fact Finder: Find popular facts (population, income, etc.) and frequently requested data about your community.

City-Data: Detailed, informative profiles of all cities in the United States. From crime rates to weather patterns, you can find the data you’re looking for on

ISER: The Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Alaska Anchorage has been at the forefront of public policy research in Alaska for more than half a century.


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Alaska Oil Spill Curriculum: Lessons for grades k – 12 and many good resources.

The Science of Oil Spills: More lessons and good resources.


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SLED Environment, Science & Natural Resources Links  Links from the Alaska State Library Electronic Doorway. Includes many of the links below.

Alaska Dept of Fish & Game Wildlife, licenses and permits, wolves, publications, regulations, hunting and trapping, bears. 

U.S. Dept of Fish & Game offers lots of information and you can search by state.

Alaska Science Forum from Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Alaska-related science articles from GI research.  

Alaska Division of Parks & Outdoor Recreation Trails, cabins, passes, history, regulations. Good information on Alaska state parks.

National Park Service:   Good information on national parks organized by state. Use the pull-down menu to select Alaska.

Alaska Public Lands Information Center   Links to information on public lands in Alaska.

U.S. Forest Service Search by state, click on an interactive visitor map, explore photos and multimedia. Also has links for managing the land, science and technology and more.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management  Good information on various areas in Alaska and the U.S.

Alaska SeaLife Center Major marine science research goes on in Seward—visit online or in person.

Wildlife Notebook Alaska Dept of Fish & Game site with numerous critter descriptions.

Alaska Volcano Observatory Since Alaska has numerous volcanoes, this is a good place to track their activity.  Click on Atlas of Alaskan Volcanoes.

Alaska Earthquake Information Center Reporting, FAQs, tsunami research, maps, preparedness, seismology lab, earthquake database. 

Wolf Song of Alaska Plenty of info about wolves, habitat, habits, ecological niche, importance, folklore, predator/prey relationships.

Sounds Wild   Sounds Wild is an educational radio program broadcast on over 25 radio stations around Alaska.  These compressed Quick Time files are produced by the Alaska Dept of Fish & Game.


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Alaska Weather Service from NOAA: Lots of statewide weather information.

The Alaska Climate Research Center: More good state weather information.

WeatherWorks: Weather terms explained. Nice charts and graphics. Created by meteorologists.

Wind Map of the Earth: Real-time earth wind map.

Weather Science for Kids & Teens: Lots of great links about all kinds of weather.



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Alaska Statutes Alaska Legal Resource Center site includes statutes, case law, Alaska Constitution, legal links.

Alaska Permanent Dividend Fund Official site of the corporation that does the investments, handles the money, informs people.

Alaska Permanent Dividend Fund Alaska Dept of Revenue PFD program site.  How to apply, applying online, amount of PFD, FAQs, regulations.

Alaska Legislature Bills, who’s who, committees, state officials, FAQs, districts, contacts, publications.


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Famous Alaskans A short list of Alaskans with notoriety (good and bad).


Mining Industry in AK: Excellent overview of the Klondike Gold Rush. Good links and article downloads on page 2.
Gold Rushes in Alaska: From LitSite Alaska.
Treadwell Gold Mine: From LitSite Alaska
Letters from Billy Bowers:  Letters from a young gold miner.
Gold Rush: An overview of the gold rush in Alaska.
Klondike Gold Rush: From the National Park Service
Gold Rush from AK Kids

ARLIS: Alaska Resources Library and Information Services, located at UAA Consortium Library. Your AML library card works here!

UAA/APU Consortium Library  Joint catalog with Anchorage Municipal Libraries, this site gives more information about the Consortium Library, branch access, journals, other resources unique to the campus site.

Alaska Channel An intriguing newspaper-style site with some great constantly changing photos and newsy layout.  Numerous links to other Alaska-related sites, some educational, some not. 


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