Morning Announcements 11/20/12

Top three list on how not to make it to the Crystal Ball

#3 car breaks down

#2  No student ID…..

and the number one way to miss out on Crystal Ball, owe a fine or fee and wait until the last day to take care of it and tickets are sold out.

Don’t let this be you. Get a replacement ID from the library on Tuesday or Thursday, and look at the list when coming in the front doors or on Ms. Schroeder’s door. If your name is on the list take care of it TODAY!

To buy tickets for crystal ball you MUST have your student ID card your dates ID.  If you don’t have an ID they are $5 from Ms. Metcaff in the Library.

Guest passes for Crystal Ball are due Nov. 28th

There will be a West Point representative here on Nov, 21 at 8:30am, if you are interested in a visit with them sing up in the CRC.

BB Cheerleaders practice time has been changed for tonight. It will be from 6:15 to 8pm

ATTENTION DHS! want to watch some college basketball during Thanksgiving break? Go to the sullivan arena Tuesday-Saturday. You can also help the BB Cheerleaders cheer for the LA Team, Loyala Merrymount. As of now, DSH BB Cheerleaders will be cheering at 5:00 PM Thursday and @ 9:30 on Friday night. Come join the funn!!!

If you are interested sports medicine or sports information and want to work at the great alaska shootout let mr. helvey know in the activities as soon as possible.

Christian club at lunch b113

5:15 Girls’ Hockey vs Service/east @ ben boeke